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The Health Break

Vibration therapy and sensory neuroscience at the service of your well-being, your personal and spiritual development.

Of a therapeutic, psychological and energetic nature, our personal development services are within the reach of all those who wish to "move forward" more serenely in their daily life.


Sharing our benevolence and our know-how for the greatest benefit of our  customers, in order to guide them towards the best way to live in full health.

Holistic comes from the Greek “holos” which means the WHOLE, the whole.

Seen from this perspective, an ailment is never more than a “simple” ailment, but the combination of several often neglected factors.

In other words, pain between the neck and the shoulder can have different origins.

We often question a wrong move or a cold snap, BUT we do not consider that poor digestion or recurring concerns about privacy can ALSO be at the origin of this same pain.

In the same way that popular expressions such as the knot in the throat, the lump in the belly, to be bad blood, to bite the liver or to ruin one's health, are not only literary expressions, BUT represent a substance of truth .

This is why, at the HolistiCanarias Center we also RAISE our clients' awareness of the discovery of its hidden truths in order to help the person to regain their optimal state of health, whether on the physical, metabolic, psychological, emotional and spiritual levels.


The human being is defined as a vibratory unit operating simultaneously on 3 different strata:

                                     (matter / energy / psyche)

Therefore, an energetic treatment, carried out on the energy bodies, will propagate, by vibratory wave, on these three planes and will act on the level.

• Physics:  alleviating pain and helping a suffering part of the body;

• Energetics: increase of the vibratory level, evacuation of used energies, harmonization of the chakras and revival of the                     energy circulation;

• Psychic: personal development and balance of polarities.

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