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HolistiCanarias is above all a lifestyle, a desire for authenticity.
Conscious natural beauty.

The new luxury?
Cosmetics from Raw Nature
Living and feeling sensory cosmetics in consciousness

Cosmetics designed to offer you 100% active synergies, which take into account the aesthetic as well as the emotional aspect in order to offer you another vision of natural beauty.

Each ingredient reinforces another and gives it another dimension.

The 4 fundamental pillars of holistic beauty

Stress management  

When you feel stressed or suffer from chronic anxiety (due to constant pressure, overwork, etc.), you release a hormone called cortisol. This is there to protect us from danger and allow us to react quickly. Only problem: this substance tends to inflame the epidermis and "will even have an impact on the premature aging of the skin"


We are made to move and exert ourselves during the day. The daily recommendation is thirty minutes of walking per day. This activity makes it possible to detoxify the body, to circulate the lymph (an internal liquid used to purify cellular waste) but also to oxygenate the cells.


If Hippocrates said “Let your food be your only medicine! »

He wasn't completely wrong because we are a reflection of what we eat.  

When a diet is too rich in sugar, a phenomenon of glycation occurs. The sugar will stick to the proteins in the skin, which group together and harden. We speak of a "caramelization" of the body's proteins. These so-called glycated proteins are less well eliminated and accumulate in the cells, disrupting their functioning and that of the tissues. The clogged skin loses its flexibility and elasticity.  

When a diet is too rich in salt, there is a risk of water retention, high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease. But according to a study by the University of Bonn, published in  Science Translational Medicine , such a diet would also weaken the immune system making it more susceptible to bacterial infections…

Cosmetic protocols 

Taking care of your skin is good, but when you use cosmetics loaded with endocrine disruptors, mineral oils (like paraffin, which is a derivative of petrochemicals) or irritating ingredients (like sulphates, alkylphenols, phthalates or parabens), the cutaneous balance is damaged and the skin suffers.

But there are other factors that can upset the skin, such as poor make-up removal or the use of products that are too harsh for your skin type.

Holistic is above all a concept to find the balance between what is happening inside the body and the consequences that can be seen outside. Dark circles, water retention, blemishes, dull complexion, hair loss… All these concerns can come from poor diet, lack of sleep or overwork.

The benefits of aromachology to soothe body and mind

HolistiCanarias has chosen, around the world, treatments full of beneficial active ingredients, with energizing, relaxing or purifying fragrances.  create your wellness bubble" 

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