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1/ Sleeping allows you to recover: it seems obvious, but like our smartphones, we need to recharge our batteries every night... in order to operate efficiently and sustainably!


2/ Sleeping therefore boosts your immune system to defend yourself against attacks and small microbes on a daily basis. But also to prevent potentially more serious diseases:

  • cardiovascular on the one hand by allowing the heart to slow down and therefore save energy;

  • neurological on the other hand, by allowing the brain to cleanse itself of cellular waste, the accumulation of which favors neurodegenerative pathologies.

3/ Sleeping reduces bad stress and its harmful effects on the body: when you lack sleep, the production of cortisol, nicknamed “the stress hormone”, increases and therefore impacts general well-being.

4/ Sleeping helps to fight mood disorders, depression in mind: necessarily, exhausted, we tend to ruminate and let ourselves be overwhelmed by the slightest difficulty. Well rested, it is easier to be positive!


5/ Sleep stimulates and consolidates learning: a bad night is 30% less capacity to assimilate information. Very bad calculation during the exam period!

6/ Sleeping promotes memorization and therefore strengthens short and long-term memory: have you ever noticed how surprisingly you are more dizzy when you have slept too little?


7/ Sleeping helps regulate your metabolism, by reducing the production of ghrelin, the hormone that promotes appetite, and therefore your food intake and weight: sleeping therefore helps to ward off certain pathologies linked to poor diet or overweight such as type 2 diabetes. Good sleep hygiene is therefore inseparable from any diet.


8/ Sleeping boosts the libido, by regulating the rate of sex hormones, in particular testosterone. Better nights of sleep therefore paradoxically ensure you pleasant nights that are a little more restless...  

9/ Sleep preserves youth capital, since it is during the night that skin cells regenerate  


10/ Sleep promotes social relations: a good night makes us in a better mood, more open and smiling... and you can feel it directly!

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